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Electric Vehicles 2020 - Latest News, Price, Reviews, Blogs, Market

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Ev Charging Station
Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The electric vehicle charging station has become an integral part while owning the electric vehicles. On an average, 80% of these electric vehicles are taking place at homes only.

Miso Electric Scooter
India’s First Social Distancing Electric Scooter

Gemopai Electric, a joint venture amid Goreen E-Mobility and Opai Electric, touts Miso as a social separation scooter because it is a single-seater vehicle.

Gemopai is offering Miso following an inaugural discount of Rs.2,000 for all pre-bookings. It is moreover offering a 3-year set free service package for each and every one Miso customers.

Mahindra E Rickshaw
Mahindra E Rickshaw Price & Review All You Need to Know

Mahindra Electric Mobility is the trailblazer of electric vehicle technology in the country.
Mahindra Electric have a broad variety of electric rickshaws, and will be increasing this range even choice, under the brand - Mahindra Electric.

Upcoming Electric Cars
Upcoming Electric Cars in India

Electric Vehicles - The most advanced technology of the 21st century has picked its speed and it is expected to grow to a greater level in the upcoming years.
With higher performance and greater efficiency, the electric vehicles have pushed the sales number to higher levels than that of normal vehicles.

Electric Vehicles Company
Electric Vehicles Company India

The whole world is busy in making a shift towards the most efficient and pollution free means of driving. This trend is no different in India.
The Electric Vehicles Company India have geared up in providing the best ever solution to their customers.

GST on E Vehicles
GST on Electric Vehicles may be Reduced to 5%

NEW DELHI: India may cut the goods and services tax (GST) on electric vehicles to 5% from 12% to provide a stimulus to the sector that’s a high priority for the Narendra Modi government.
The GST Council is set to take up the proposal at its June 20 meeting, said a senior government official aware of the development. “There is a proposal to cut tax rates on EVs among other issues,” the official told ET.

E vehicles news
Only Electric Vehicles to be Sold After 2030

NITI Aayog has proposed that only electric vehicles should be sold after 2030, expanding the scope of the clean fuel technology beyond two- and three-wheelers.

Transport minister Nitin Gadkari - who had once threatened to mandate EVs from 2030 - said that the roadmap will be decided after consulting the auto industry.

Overview of Top 5 Electric Vehicles in India

It is a matter of fact that electric vehicles have already proved to be a massive blessing to society. The use of these vehicles for transportation, not only keeps the environment safe, but it also assures a disease-free surrounding. In addition to this, electric vehicles also act a huge cost-saver in the long run. Moreover, these vehicles do not call for much maintenance effort.

If the Government of India makes the way, electric vehicles will replace all the traditional modes of transportation by the year 2030. These vehicles will heavily dominate the market of automobiles in the near future, bringing in an air of revolution in the transportation ways of human and cargo in the country.

If you are inquisitive to know more about the trending e-vehicles or wish to commute from your home to work and vice versa in an eco-friendly manner, check out this list of the top electrically powered vehicles already launched or to be introduced in India.

List of the Most Trending Electric Vehicles in India

  1. Hyundai Kona
  2. Recently, one of the biggest car manufacturers of the world, Hyundai launched its new SUV, the Hyundai Kona in a CKD (Completely Knocked Down) unit. The car has two variants, one comes with a motor of 204PS (150kW) and a battery pack of 64kWh, and the other comes with an engine of 139PS (100kW) and a battery pack of 39kWh. The vehicle can probably run up to 300 kilometres with one charge.
    The Hyundai Kona is priced at around INR 25 Lakhs.

  3. Tork T6X
  4. The approximate range of Tork T6X is near about 100 km, with the highest speed of 10 km/hr. The bike is expected to feature a brushless motor of 6kW, at a torque of 27Nm. It will also showcase powerful lithium-ion batteries. In one hour, the battery of the bike can get charged over 80 per cent. The Tork T6X will be a strong contender against the KTM Duke 200, Bajaj Pulsar AS200, and TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, which are pretty powerful bikes.
    The Tork T6X is expected to launch by the end of the year 2019 at an estimated price of around INR 1.6 Lakhs.

  5. Mahindra E2O Plus
  6. Being the descendant of the classic Indian E-car, the Maini Reva, the Mahindra E2O launched the electric car concept to a broader population in the country.
    The vehicle offers pretty good performance and a decent range to be a recommended option for travelling in the city. When it comes to the performance, the E2O has an output that is more than or same as most of the small cars available in the market today. The car comes with both 2-door as well as 4-door variations. It is even bigger and more spacious in comparison to the Maini Reva.
    The Mahindra E2O Plus is priced at the range of INR 6.07 to 6.38 Lakhs.

  7. Revolt RV400
  8. The Revolt RV400 car can run up to 156 km on just one charge. A regular 15 amperes plug point is sufficient for this car. It doesn’t need any specialized equipment for charging.
    The Revolt RV400 bike is basically a smarter motorcycle that showcases unique features, including – Geo-Fencing, telematics, world-class sound selection technique, and bike location.
    The Revolt RV400 is available at a price range of INR 1 to 1.3 Lakhs.

  9. Mahindra Verito
  10. While the conventional Verito is not able to meet much demand recently, its electric and eco-friendly counterpart is gradually gaining much popularity. The eVerito from Mahindra is typically used for cab or taxi services. This car is even the very first mass-production E-sedan of India.
    The original Verito was manufactured around the Renault Logan. Although the Logan was not that good in terms of its looks, the Veritco offered excellent interior space and well-balanced chassis. The Mahindra E-Verito is the same but comes with an emission-free and non-polluting power plant.
    The Mahindra Verito comes at a price range of INR 7.48 to 9.22 Lakhs.

Wrapping Up

In the modern era of today, electric vehicles are a highly recommended investment. In a country like India, where the air pollution due to vehicular emission is increasing rapidly, E-vehicles can be the rescue we all want. The above-discussed E-cars and bikes are the most talked-about vehicles that are leading the automobile market today.