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First Made in India social distancing electric scooter ‘Miso’ launched

  • The mini e-scooter has a pinnacle moving speed of 25 kmph and is offered in four colours. It does not require a license or RTO tolerate pass.
  • The detachable battery is the unaccompanied imported component in Miso.

Miso E Scooter

During the corona virus pandemic maintaining a social distancing when we are not at our homes and subsequent to we are stepping out is the most important situation that we all are taking into consideration to ensue less the intensify of the virus. So, to join up bearing in mind than the situation, the Gemopai Electric has launched an affordable mini electric scooter named as Miso to maintain social distancing. It is the most affordable electric scooter single-seat electric scooter which comes subsequently a price tag of 44,000 rupees in India.

India’s first social distancing electric scooter

Gemopai Electric, a joint venture amid Goreen E-Mobility and Opai Electric, touts Miso as a social separation scooter because it is a single-seater vehicle. While this may be the company's bid to attract attention, Miso claims to have supplementary features that may dexterously be its greater than before highlights. For starters, it can reportedly lid 75 kilometers just about a single fighting and the battery can be powered from zero to 90 per cent in two hours.

Gemopai is offering Miso following an inaugural discount of Rs.2,000 for all pre-bookings. It is moreover offering a 3-year set free service package for each and every one Miso customers. Miso has a depth promptness of 25 kmph. Most importantly there is no requirement of a license or RTO permit to ride this electric scooter. There are along with four colour options to pick from - Red, Blue, Green and Orange.