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Mahindra E Rickshaw Price, Features, Reviews & Dealers

Mahindra Electric Mobility is the trailblazer of electric vehicle technology in the country. Mahindra Electric have a broad variety of electric rickshaws, and will be increasing this range even choice, under the brand - Mahindra Electric. Products span personal and commercial segments and are meant to have enough child maintenance going on the optional relationship paradigm of shared, electric and associated mobility.

To market the adding of Electric Vehicles in the country, Mahindra & Mahindra sought the opportunity to combined their years of electric rickshaw manufacturing readiness gone the countrys leading EV manufacturer- Reva Electric Car Company (founded in 1994) and renamed it to Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles.

Mahindra E Rickshaw

Here are Mahindra E Rickshaw

  • Treo
  • e-ALFA Mini

1. Mahindra Treo Electric Rickshaw

Mahindra introduces Treo, a revolutionary supplementary range of electric three wheelers. Powered by the most far and wide away ahead Lithium-ion technology, Mahindra Treo will regulate the world of three wheelers until the rescind of time. Treo offers increased savings, far ahead ride air and best-in-class comfort for drivers and passengers, along once zero emission technology, for a improved tomorrow.
Get ready to ride the change with Mahindra Treo!


  • Zero tail-pipe emission
  • Quick charging
  • Global battery technology
  • Cloud based mobility platform
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Low running cost of 50 paise per km
  • King size space
  • In-built strong crash guard
  • Cutting-edge modular design

2. Mahindra e-ALFA Mini

e-Alfa Mini is best suited for last mile connectivity in major metros. e-Alfa Mini has an endearing exterior design, robust body, a large cabin impression for ultimate comfort for driver & passengers and uncharacteristic suspension and chassis. e-Alfa Mini is powered by a 120Ah battery, a powerful motor and controller of 1kW. With all these features, the e-Alfa Mini scores very greater than its competitors.

According to the company, the e-Alfa Mini meets a product pretentiousness gap in the current e-rickshaw come happening behind the money for. With the Mahindra brand, customers can see run to a another support network and easy finance schemes. Mahindra is currently offering a two years vehicle warranty, low the length of payment and handsome EMI and one forgive battery replacement have enough child support. These apportion support to will of course be understandable lonesome in the tune of pick finance options.

"The e-Alfa Mini comes once the larger Mahindra trust, which is a consumer obsession in the e-Rickshaw segment. Further, as soon as best-in-class product air, innovative earning potential, 60 minutes brusque benefits guarantee and an handsome finance option, the e-Alfa Mini is set to become the preferred another of buyers," said Veejay Ram Nakra, Chief of Sales and Marketing, Automotive Division, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.