Ampere Primus Electric Scooter

Ampere Primus Electric Scooter: Price, Specification, Pre-Booking

Ampere Primus Electric Scooter

Ampere Vehicles, a leading name in the Indian electric vehicle market, has recently announced the price of its highly anticipated Primus high-speed electric scooter The Primus carries an ex-showroom price of ₹1,09,900 and is now available for pre-order at an irresistible price of just ₹499, for a limited time only.

About Ampere Primus Electric Scooter

What sets the Primus apart from its peers is its impressive speed, which can reach up to 55 km/h, making it the ideal choice for those who want to get to their destination quickly and efficiently. The vehicle also boasts a range of 107 km on a single charge, making it a great option for those who want to use it for their daily commute without having to worry about running out of battery. The vehicle is available in four colors: Royal Orange, Havelock Blue, Himalayan White, and Buck Black.

Ampere Primus Electric Scooter Specifications

Range107 km
Loading time4.5 hours with a 15A charger and 2.5 hours with a 25A charger
Acceleration0-40 km/h in 4.2 seconds
boot space22L
modesEco, city, and energy.
battery capacity3kW lithium phosphate battery
Maximum speed77km/hours

Speaking about the launch, P Sanjeev, COO of Ampere Vehicles, said: “At Ampere, we are committed to giving our customers the best possible experience when it comes to electric vehicles. We are delighted to introduce Primus, the electric scooter that offers speed and affordability in the Indian market. We believe these scooters will play a crucial role in helping us achieve our goal of a cleaner and greener future.”

Ampere vehicle at Hyderabad E-Motorshow

The leading EV manufacturer recently participated in the Hyderabad E-Motorshow from February 8-10, where it showcased its range of state-of-the-art electric two- and three-wheelers. The company was delighted to be a part of the event and to witness the tremendous response and energy of the people of Hyderabad toward sustainable mobility.

The electric lineup presented at the event included a range of next-generation electric vehicles, equipped with the latest technology and designed to provide an unrivaled driving experience. The company’s commitment to sustainable mobility was evident in its product range, which showcased the potential of electric vehicles to transform the future of transportation.

The company spokesperson expressed his excitement for the event, saying, “We are delighted to have been a part of Hyderabad E-Motorshow and to witness the tremendous response from the people of Hyderabad. Our range of electric vehicles is a testament to our commitment to sustainable mobility and we are delighted to see the enthusiasm and interest generated by electric vehicles. We look forward to continuing our efforts to promote sustainable transportation and embrace a greener future.”

future ahead

With the launch of the Primus, Ampere Vehicles has once again proven that it is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution in India. As the company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of electric vehicles, it’s clear that the future is bright for those who choose to embrace this innovative and sustainable mode of transportation.

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