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Convert Car into Electric – Best Electric Car Conversion Kit Price

Since companies are introducing different models of electric cars at the same time, the cost of buying a new electric car is still very high compared to conventional gas/diesel cars. So for those who are interested in buying a new electric car but are unable to do so due to its high cost, companies are now offering electric car conversion kits to convert your existing car to an electric car.

retrofitting The models are in high demand as they provide ease in converting your existing vehicle to an electric vehicle at a lower cost. Companies offer different types of car conversion kits.

Depending on the requirement, you can purchase either a fully electric vehicle conversion kit or a customized electric vehicle conversion kit. The motor, battery, controller, charger, wire harness, etc. are some of the main parts of conversion kits.

List of Best Electric Car Conversion KitsConvert Car Into Electric

1. Bosch eAxle kit – Electric car conversion kit

Bosch electric spindle is an efficient, compact, economical electric car conversion kit. It provides solutions for battery electric vehicles and hybrid applications. It comes in a compact unit consisting of an electric motor, transmission, and power electronics that directly power the axle of the vehicle. Its compact design helps save installation space and reduces complexity.

The Bosch eAxle is a great solution for everyone who is looking for the main drivetrain or needs a second eAxle to increase car performance.


  • Using silicon carbide semiconductor technology, the Bosch eAxle Kit has increased its efficiency by 96% for a more extended range while reducing your battery life.
  • Due to the assembly of all components in a compact system, you can save on components and expensive connection cables. This makes it a great cost-effective car conversion kit.
  • It is one of the best solutions present in the market with high scalability (50-300KW), different voltage levels (400/800V), and high flexibility. Due to its flexibility, it can be used for all types of vehicles and can meet individual customer demands.
  • Increase performance using eAxle at 800V with the help of silicon carbide semiconductors. This also helps to reduce the size of the electric motor.

Key Specifications

  • Scalable output – 50-300 kW
  • Scalable Torque: 1000-5000NM Drive Shaft
  • Electric motor maximum speed (400V, 800V) – 16000/min, 18500/min
  • Weight with a power output of 150kW – approx. – 90kg

Bosch eAxle Kit Price in India

The company is currently looking to expand its business in India by partnering with OEMs. The company is yet to reveal the cost of the eAxle kit.

2. Loop Moto – Electric Car Conversion Kit

The company offers a compact electric drive system consisting of lithium-ion batteries, a battery management system (BMS), and other accessories needed to convert conventional vehicles into electric vehicles.

The company received its ARAI certification to convert cars for various cars like Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Maruti Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Accent, Honda Amaze, Hyundai Verna, Honda Civic, and Honda City.


  • The company offers customized solutions to convert any type of vehicle.
    The lithium-ion battery comes with LiFePO4 technology along with a 7.8 kWh smart battery management system. The battery offers a range of 180 km on a single charge
  • The conversion kit comes with a gearless gearbox, a 3.3 kW AC charger, and a 15 kW 3-phase AC motor.
  • The company ensures a maximum speed of 80 km/h.
  • The company offers reconditioning services at Pan India locations.

Key Specifications

Scope180 km
Maximum speed80km/h
Engine15kw Three Phase AC Motor
ChargerIntegrated 3.3 kW AC charger
Battery TypeLiFePO4 with smart BMS
battery capacity17.8kWh
Gearboxno gears

Loop Moto Kit Price in India

The cost of the Loop Moto electric car conversion kit is between Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs. 5 Lakhs.

3. E-Trio – Electric Car Conversion Kit

To increase the rate of electric adoption among existing vehicle owners, Sathya Yalamanchili founded E-Trio in the year 2016. To accelerate electric mobility in India, E-Trio manufactures conversion kits to transform traditional fuel vehicles into electric vehicles. The company has also gained approval from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) for its effort in converting existing ICE (diesel/gasoline) vehicles to electric vehicles.

E-trio has been converting cars like the Maruti Alto, WagonR, and Dzire. and offers two types of conversion kits EV-150 and EV-180. The company claims that the Maruti Alto, WagonR, and Dzire can be converted to an electric car within 48 hours with the EV-180 assist kit.

The company also buys vintage cars on the market and converts them into electric cars by removing all gasoline or diesel-related components. sells conversion kits and reconditioned cars on the market.

Key Highlights

  • EV-150 and EV-180 are electric conversion kits that transform ICE vehicles into electric vehicles.
  • It is the only retrofit start-up in India that has gained government approval for its conversion kits.
  • Conversion kits are comprised of the lithium-ion battery, motor, traction controller, onboard charger, ancillary parts such as power steering, DC-DC converter, and gearbox designed by E-Trio. To accommodate the extra weight, the company also modifies the suspension.
  • The battery has a range of 150 km to 180 km, depending on the conversion kit chosen.
  • The approximate cost of the kit is 4 lakhs. It may seem like an expensive investment but considering the long-term savings after switching to an electric car is unquestionable.

Key Specifications

  • Battery Type: lithium-ion
  • Scope: 150 km in EV-150 and 180 km in EV-180

E Trio Kit Price in India

The E-trio electric car conversion kit price starts at 4 Lakh in India.

4. Bharat Kit – Electric Car Conversion Kit

Founded in 2016, Bharat Kits is a Hyderabad-based company that retrofits hatchbacks and sedans. The company deals with conversion kits as well as retrofit cars. The company also received ARAI and ICAT certifications to convert the Maruti Alto, WagonR, and Swift Dzire.

Key Highlights

  • Bharat kit’s electric car conversion kits include a battery, controller, motor, gearbox, DC-DC, onboard charger, instrument cluster, AC complete kit, vacuum pump, a charging pistol, and a gear selector.
  • The company offers a custom LiFePO4 battery that provides a range of 80 km on a single charge. Battery charging time is approximately four to five hours. You can reach a top speed of 80 km/h with it.
  • The kit comes with a well-structured battery management system along with a battery controller. The conversion kit has a 15KW power motor.
  • The battery capacity changes according to the car models. For the hatchback the battery capacity is 12kwh and for the sedan it is 15kwh. Depending on individual needs, the company also offers customized conversion kits.
  • The modernization of the car is carried out at the company’s facilities unit in Hyderabad. The entire conversion process takes a week to complete.
  • The approximate cost of rehabilitation is 5 faults. This cost includes converting it to an electric car, and a telematics system to monitor cell temperature, battery temperature, and vehicle health from a computer or laptop.

Bharat kits price in India

The price of a Bharat electric car conversion kit in India is approx. 5 lakhs.

5. Rexnamo electro-electric car conversion kit

Based in Ghaziabad, Rexnamo Electro has provided up-to-date electric cars and conversion kits for the past ten years. The company converts cars for around Rs 2,40,000 and Rs 5,70,000. Depending on different factors, the conversion price varies.

The company also restores and converts vintage cars like Lancers, Contessa, Volkswagens, Old BMWs, Porsches, and Honda cities.

Rexnamo Electro Kit Price in India

The cost of a Rexnamo conversion kit for a compact car like an Indica or Swift is about Rs 8.5 Lakhs.

Old cars like Porsches, Volkswagens, Old BMWs, Honda City, lancers, and Honda City Contessa can be fully electrified at Rs 32,79,677.

6. Northway Motorsport EV Conversion Kit

This company is an electric vehicle division working under Hemank Auto Parts Pvt Ltd. The company focuses on the design, development, and manufacturing of drive system units for electric vehicles. The company is based in Pune.

Northway Motorsport does not provide conversion kits for random car models.

Conversion kits are provided only for the car models that are listed on the company’s website. The company has also built an electric vehicle that offers a range of 240 km with a charging time of just one hour.

Key Highlights

  • The company provides conversion kits for the Maruti Dzire and various hatchbacks.
  • Drive EZ and Travel EZ are the two kits provided for Maruti Dzire. The autonomy of Drive EZ is 120 km, which reaches up to 250 km in the case of Travel EZ. The charge time for the Drive EZ is 5-6 hours, which is 8-10 hours for the Travel EZ.
  • The company also offers compact conversion kits that are compatible with hatchbacks like the Polo, Swift, and Beat. These kits come with a 120 km range and 5-6 hours of charging time.

Northway Motorsport Kit Price in India

The conversion kit launched by the company for Maruti Ignis is Rs. 12.50 lakh for Drive EZ and 14.50 lakh for the Travel EZ variant.c


Q. How much does it cost to convert a car to EV?

A. Typically costs around $10,000-25,000, Before deciding to convert a car to an EV, it’s crucial to thoroughly research the costs, assess your budget, and factor in potential unforeseen expenses.

Q. Is it worth converting a petrol car to electric?

A. Converting a petrol car to an electric one can be a complex decision that depends on several factors like cost, Performance and Range, Warranty and Insurance, and more.

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