Sales Report Feb 2023 Electric Two-Wheeler

Electric Two-wheeler Sales Report For February 2023

February turned out to be an electrifying month as we witnessed a significant increase in EV growth across all sectors. Although we welcomed some new faces to the top player’s list, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to a few. Without further ado, let’s dig into the numbers and reveal the top ten electric two-wheeler players for February 2023.

With an impressive sales figure of 65,623 electric two-wheelers sold in February, a growth rate of 2.21% was observed compared to the previous month’s figure of 64,203. So, hold on to your seats as we take a closer look at the players who rose to the top in the exciting and dynamic world of electric two-wheelers.

Top 10 electric scooter players in India

organization name’sElectric vehicle sales in February 2023MOM growth (%)
electric wave17616 units-3.58
TVS iQube12568 units21.10
ather energy9959 units8.40
electric hero5855 units-9.32
Amp5835 units31.89
bajaj chetak2517 units-3.42
Okinawa3840 units-13.77
Okay EV1231 units-4.80
kinetic green815 units-20.57
Bgauss667 units-6.58

Electric bike players in India

organization name’sSales of electric vehicles in January 2023Electric vehicle sales in February 2023MOM growth (%)
revolt engines14 units64 units357.14
Tork Engines62 units17 units-72.58

New releases in the month of February 2023

We saw four new electric two-wheeler launches in the month of February 2023.

  1. Ola S1 Air: Ola’s coming out with a new electric vehicle and a new battery capacity has shown the public that they are here to lead the market.
  2. Okaya Faast F3 and F2F Electric Scooter: Okaya secured the 8th position this month and by adding two more electric scooters to their portfolio, they are giving the other EV players some tough competition.
  3. River Indie: – A brand new company stepped foot in the EV space and brought a host of additional features and new pricing to the market.
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