Flash Partners With Gem Motors For Advanced Modular Multiphase Hub Motor Technology

FLASH strengthens its global prowess in electric vehicles, and partners with Slovenia-based GEM Motors for advanced modular multiphase hub motor technology.

  • FLASH becomes the first company in India to have a wide and robust range of motors for electric vehicles from 1 kW to 540 kW, from smaller electric two-wheelers to large electric buses.
  • The partnership with GEM Motors serves the electric vehicle segments in the 1 kW to 15 kW range for hub motors with integrated controllers using advanced modular multiphase motor technology.
  • With access to 20 global GEM engine patents, FLASH will become a global manufacturing center for various customers.
  • The partnership with GEM Motors features a second international strategic partnership in three months with the goal of strengthening expertise in the EV domain.
  • FLASH will surpass INR 100 crore in turnover in the first year of launching EV-related parts and is aiming for exponential growth year-on-year.
FLASH And GEMS Associations

FLASH and GEMS Associations

One of the leading technology providers and manufacturers of electronic components, FLASH, has strengthened its electric vehicle [EV] competencies and portfolio with a new technology collaboration with GEM Motors, one of Europe’s leading innovative companies specializing in the development of high-tech electric motors for electric vehicles. Under this new partnership, both brands will build hub motors for various electric vehicle segments, in the 1 kW to 15 kW range. With the flexible and modular motor design, FLASH is able to provide motors with customization, in a faster turnaround time, better suited to clients’ requirements and pressing project lead times. In addition, FLASH will have access to 20 GEM Motors’ global patents and will also become a global manufacturing hub.

FLASH has been successfully collaborating with major international players to become the first company in India to have a broad and robust range from 1 kW to 540 kW, serving a wide range of electric segments: from two-wheeler electric vehicles with smaller wheels to larger electric bus. . This technology collaboration is the second international partnership, with major global players, in three months. These strategic partnerships will enable the transfer of advanced technologies, competencies, and access to newer markets to generate significant cost savings for the company’s valued customers.

GEM Motors’ modular multiphase motor technology integrates all components of an electric drive system into one compact solution and simplifies vehicle electrification while minimizing vehicle weight and transmission costs, making it cost-effective. The portfolio boasts advanced features such as enhanced safety and reliability, modular design that increases redundancy, and fully integrated all-wheel drive that significantly reduces weight and maximizes overall drive system efficiency.

Mr. Sanjeev Vasdev, Managing Director, FLASH, said:

“In line with the global mobility trend and to strengthen India’s upcoming electric vehicle ecosystem, we are delighted to partner with a distinguished player, GEM Motors. We look forward to manufacturing GEM Motors’ proprietary modular multiphase motor technology in India and serving EV OEMs worldwide. The partnership will accelerate the shift to sustainable mobility with innovation-driven differentiation for our customers’ mobility requirements. As well as being highly strategic and unique to the Indian market, this partnership aligns with our commitment to being a comprehensive EV engine solution provider globally. FLASH is now the first company in India to have a product portfolio of engines ranging from 1kW to 540kW in two- and three-wheelers, passenger cars, LCVs, HCVs, including electric buses.”

Mr. Simon Madelj, Ph.D., CEO, of GEM Motors, said:

“Our solutions are innovative and visionary designs with a low number of parts that effectively optimize space to drive simplicity and superior performance. We are delighted to have a strong partner like FLASH and their strong focus on production and manufacturing quality will allow us to reach new heights in the global marketplace.”

He further added: “GEM Motors has already signed up more than 15 customers in Europe, North America, and other countries for its engine range and is looking to further strengthen its position in India with this new partnership with FLASH.”

FLASH is a well-known name in India and around the world, producing electrical and electronic parts for 2 and 3-wheel Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and has made a name for itself over the past three decades. It was one of the first in the country to produce parts for 2 and 3-wheel electric vehicles, such as drive motors, controllers, DC-DC converters, brushless DC motors, vehicle-specific charging boxes, battery management systems, and other related products.

FLASH has so far invested substantially in the EV segment and plans to add another INR 150 crore in the next two years. Additionally, FLASH will continue to strengthen its presence in the Indian and global markets by adding new offerings and products to its portfolio.


FLASH is the electronic component manufacturer of choice for multiple automotive OEMs around the world. The brand has six manufacturing plants in India, Germany and Hungary, powered by a strong team of more than 2,500 people.

In 1989, FLASH began commercial production of Flashers. Eventually over the next three decades it went on to manufacture a wide range of electrical/electronic products such as regulators, capacitor discharge units, magnetos, alternators, starters, wiper motors, ignition coils, linear actuators, thermostats, temperature sensors, etc. position, throttle bodies, electronic control units, brushless DC motors, etc.,

FLASH Group is recognized for its ability to deliver innovation-driven differentiation with the help of its highly-trained in-house R&D team and world-class manufacturing facilities that adhere to strict quality standards. The core competence of the brand is the manufacture of the latest generation electronic and electrical components for automobiles, for the categories of 2, 3, and 4-wheel vehicles.

In 2017, FLASH also installed a highly advanced state-of-the-art automated forging and machining plant to serve the growing needs of its customers and the ever-evolving automotive industry located in the Chakan industrial area of ​​Pune, India. FLASH has developed the capacity and skill to match international standards in forging, machining and fabrication and has bagged large export orders.

About GEM Engines

GEM Engines The mission is to develop and produce innovative and premium direct drive solutions for small and light electric mobility. GEM Motors’ team of experts is eager to provide advanced e-drive solutions according to customer requirements. The company based in the heart of Europe (Slovenia) is dedicated to shaping the future of light electric mobility with intelligent, reliable, high-quality, and advanced electric propulsion solutions with superior performance that will increase the attractiveness of vehicle use. electricity in daily urban life. transport. His customers, from all over the world, are using his professional support for complete electric driving solutions to increase the attractiveness of their electric vehicle products to end-users due to the premium driving experience with GEM electric drives. GEM Motors cares about the environment and people and therefore strives to find sustainable future solutions that increase the quality of life.

GEM motors received several awards for their innovative technology: The WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy 2021 at the 14th International Conference on Technology Transfer, organized by the Jozef Stefan Institute (Center for Technology, Transfer and Innovation) and one of the leading solution providers for electric and hybrid vehicles in Europe in 2022, title awarded by Auto Tech Outlook, a leading automotive technology magazine. In the last year, GEM engines also received ISO 9001:2015 certificate to implement and maintain a Quality Management System.

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