Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Haryana’s First E Charging Station inaugurated at Panchkula

➤ In this e-charging station, free charging facilities will be provided to all types of electric vehicles, an official release said.

Panchkula: To market the utilization of electrical vehicles (e-vehicles) in Haryana, the primary e-charging station within the state was inaugurated here on 4th Jan 2021 (Monday) by the Ministry of Petroleum and gas Secretary Tarun Kapoor. The station is housed at the Renewable Energy Building here. During this e-charging station, free charging facilities are going to be provided to all. Or any sorts of electric vehicles (i.e Electric Cars, E Scooters & E Rickshaw ), a politician release said.

On this occasion, Kapoor said if a sufficient number of e-charging stations are available for e-vehicles. Then more people are going to be ready to use such vehicles.

He said petrol and diesel need to be imported from outside, but we’ve enough solar energy. Therefore, efforts are being made to put in such e-charging stations in every corner of the country in order that people can charge their vehicles without facing inconvenience.

Kapoor said now it’s necessary to extend the circulation of Electric vehicles within the electronic era. Additional Chief Secretary, New and Renewable Department of Energy. TC Gupta said Haryana is that Delaware in India to conserve renewable energy.

For its use, the Haryana government has taken several necessary steps that have benefited the citizens greatly. He said that with the supply of e-charging stations, citizens will develop an inclination towards e-vehicles.

Gupta also said during the year 2021, departments in Haryana will hire only e-vehicles. He said it’s been decided by the department to put in e-charging stations at 500 places within the state in order that there’s a charging station every three kilometers.

Along with this, positive efforts are being made to supply e-charging stations on the national highways, he added.

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