Matter Aera Electric Bike

Matter Aera Electric Bike: Price, Specifications, And More

Matter Aera Electric Bike

India: Matter, a Gujarat-based electric two-wheeler company, has made a groundbreaking announcement by launching its electric bike “Aera” with four variants, creating a lot of buzz in the world of electric vehicles. Full details of all the variants have yet to be made public, but the company has updated the full list of 5000+ and 5000 variants of Aera bikes.

Matter exhibited two electric bicycles UT Concept and EXE Concept at Auto Expo 2023 but with minimal details. These bikes were the stars of the show and are giving existing electric bike companies some stiff competition.

Matter Aera Electric Bike Front View

Matter Aera Electric Bike: Price, Specifications, Range

The Matter Aera will be available in four different variants, each with its own unique features and specifications. The top version, known as the 6000+, will feature a larger 6kWh battery, providing an actual range of 150km.

The other three variants will have a slightly smaller 5kWh battery and a range of 125km. This impressive range is a testament to the company’s commitment to offering a top-quality product that meets the needs of its customers.

The competitive price puts the Aera within the reach of a broader range of consumers, making it an attractive option for those looking for an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Matter Aera Electric Bike Engine and tyre
5kWh6kWh power pack
Liquid-cooled battery and motorextended range
RSmodel and variantsModelairair
1Pre-Registration PricesPre-Registration Price$1,43,999 (ex-showroom India, after FAME-II)$1,53,999 (ex-showroom India, after FAME-II)
2Summary of key specificationsForce10 kilowatts10 kilowatts
AccelerationFrom 0 to 60 km/h in less than 6 secondsFrom 1 to 60 km/h in less than 6 seconds
Range*125 km125 km
battery capacity5kWh5kWh
Loading timeNormal charge in 5 hoursNormal charge in 5 hours
Quick charge in less than 2 hoursQuick charge in less than 2 hours
3PowertrainEngine power10kW10kW
Transmission4-speed HyperShift manual transmission4-speed HyperShift manual transmission
CoolingBuilt-in active liquid coolingBuilt-in active liquid cooling
driving modes3+13+1
4power packAbility5kWh5kWh
CoolingBuilt-in active liquid coolingBuilt-in active liquid cooling
5Thermal ManagementThermal ManagementIITMSIITMS
6Brakingfront brakeDiscDisc
rear brakesDiscDisc
ABSYes, single channel dual sensorYes, single channel dual sensor
7vehicle instrument clusterComputingState-of-the-art processor + 3GB of RAMState-of-the-art processor + 3GB of RAM
Show7-inch LCD with a capacitive touchscreen7-inch LCD with a capacitive touchscreen
connectivity4G, WiFi, and BT 5.0​4G, WiFi, and BT 5.0​
imu9 axis9 axis
8Connected Mobile App FeaturesOperating Cost Savings Calculator – manualYeahYeah
owner’s manualYeahYeah
service reminderYeah 
9Connected Mobile App FeaturesOperating Cost Savings Calculator – manualYeahYeah
owner’s manualYeahYeah
service reminderYeahYeah
Service ManagementYeahYeah
electronic communicationYeahYeah
Community – Tribe of MatterYeahYeah
Family of Matter – managementYeahYeah
10smart featurespredicted rangeYeahYeah
Battery consumption in real time (SoC)YeahYeah
offline browsingYeahYeah
trip statisticsYeahYeah
Vehicle Sharing (Family Matter)YeahYeah
Accident detection and emergency notificationYeahYeah
Software and firmware updates via OTAYeahYeah
parking assistanceYeahYeah
welcome lightsYeahYeah
Battery savingYeahYeah
Battery Usage – AdvancedYeahYeah
gear indicatorYeahYeah
predicted rangeYeahYeah
passive keyless entryYeahYeah
elevenCarefulWarranty (Bike + Battery)3 years/unlimited km3 years/unlimited km
Roadside assistance3 years3 years
AMC – Work3 years3 years
12bundleslifestyle packageNoYeah
Care+ packageNoComplementary only with prior reservation
bundle connectedN/AComplementary for a promotional period
   * Under test conditions 

Pre-Booking and Delivery

For those residing in major metropolitan areas and Tier 1 cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Chennai, the opportunity to pre-order The Matter Aera electric Bike is now available. Pre-orders for this exciting new product will be open to the public within the next 30 days, giving potential buyers plenty of time to secure their orders. The company has decided to offer a uniform pre-registration price across India.

Matter Aera Electric Bike Close view

Matter Group CEO Statement

“AERA truly embodies our philosophy of being a change agent, challenging the status quo through technological innovations. We are not only looking to create a mobility solution that challenges expectations of what an EV can achieve in India but also to create pathways for a broader transition to sustainable means of mobility. While we’re at it, we wouldn’t like to accept that consumers have to pay a hefty premium to make the switch. And so, for the past four years, Matter has built a product from the ground up, embracing vertical integration as its core tenet and incorporating invaluable feedback from its consumers. Today we are very happy to make the most futuristic Bike, the AERA, available to all compatriots, at an interesting price and with options to choose from. We are grateful to motorcyclists for their response and appreciation of AERA’s design and technology, and we see that AERA will be a lynchpin for a major shift toward electric vehicles as motorcyclists take that step together with Matter,” he said. Mohal Lalbhai Founder and CEO of Matter Group.

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