Okinawa Ridge 100 Electric Scooter

Okinawa Ridge 100 Electric Scooter: Price, Specification, And More

Okinawa Ridge 100 Electric Scooter

New Delhi: The Okinawa Ridge 100 electric scooter is a popular two-wheeled vehicle that is powered by an electric motor. It is designed to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered scooters. The company will also provide roadside assistance that will help you when you have vehicle problems.

Okinawa Ridge 100 E-Scooter battery

The Okinawa Ridge 100 comes with a maximum motor power of 1600 watts and a battery voltage of 60V.

Okinawa Ridge 100 Range

offer a range of up to 149 km on a single charge along with a top speed of 45 kmph. The scooter has a sleek, modern design, with features like LED lights, a digital instrument cluster, and a mobile charging point.

Okinawa Ridge 100 Electric Scooter Price

The Okinawa Ridge 100 is available at a price of Rs 74,741(Ex-Showroom) and the reservation amount starts at Rs 2,000. The amount of the reservation will be deducted from the actual payment. The waiting time for the vehicle is 4-6 months.


It is also equipped with advanced security features such as central locking with anti-theft alarm, keyless entry, regenerative braking system, keyless entry, “Find my scooter” function, geo-fencing, immobilization, travel, secure parking, tracking, and monitoring. , maintenance/insurance reminders, battery information, speed alerts, and driver score.

The dimensions of the vehicle (LXWXH) are 1740X680X1075mm and it has a load capacity of 150kg.

Apart from these, you can also book a green subscription for the vehicle which will cost around ₹1000 + GST ​​per year.

Okinawa Ridge 100 Electric Scooter Specification

The tip of the Power1400W
Maximum speed45km/h
Loading time5-6 hours comes with a Micro-Charger with Auto Cut-Off Function
floor clarity160mm
engine warranty3 years/30,000 km (whichever comes first)
Battery3.12 kW lithium-ion
seat height735mm
SuspensionHydraulic Telescopic Front
Double rear shock with double
tube technology
ClimbingPassed at 7 degrees
Tire3.00 – 10 tubeless (front/rear)


Question: What is the range of Okinawa Ridge 100?

Answer: Radge offers a range of up to 149 km on a single charge.

Question: What is the price of the Okinawa Ridge 100?

Answer: Okinawa Ridge 100 price starts from ₹ 74, 741 (Ex-Showroom).

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