Ultraviolette for Global Expansion with ₹990 crore Funding

Ultraviolet F77

Ultraviolette we have heard this name when it comes to electric bikes and we must admit that they are doing quite well in the market. The Bangalore-based company has made great strides in making its EV bike a reality as it tries to expand globally, and it starts delivering its high-performance electric motorcycle, the F77, to customers.

This milestone marks the start of the company’s next phase of growth, in which it will establish dealerships across India and accelerate its expansion into new international markets.


To fuel its ambitious expansion strategy, Ultraviolette Automotive is aiming to raise $120 million from investors, building on the $55 million. it has already been sourced from backers including Qualcomm Ventures, TVS Motor Company, and Zoho Corp.

Company founders Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan are confident that the F77’s “stunning design and exciting performance” will appeal to electric motorcycle enthusiasts both in India and abroad, and are eager to expand its platform. vehicle development with the injection of new funds. .

deliveries Began

I know you’re excited about the delivery of the first batch of F77 bikes. F77 deliveries started on February 25, 2023. These bikes are baked fresh out of the kiln from the factory located near Banglore. However, the company will open a new showroom in Bangalore in March 2023. So you can book your bike from there and make it your own.


Maximum speed150km
Acceleration0-60 km/h in 2.9 seconds and 0-100 km/h in 7.8 seconds.
modesGliding, Ballistics, and Combat
Engine power30kW

Declarations of the Founder and Co-Founder

“The F77 is the result of our quest to create an electric motorcycle that turns heads in every parameter. Its stunning design and exhilarating performance are unique and proudly Indian in every way,” said Narayan Subramaniam.

“Our investors share our vision of the future of transportation. With F77 deliveries beginning, it is vital that we continue to look ahead and move into Ultraviolette’s next phase of growth. The infusion of funding from partners who share our vision will enable Ultraviolette to scale new vehicle programs, expand our domestic footprint, and accelerate international product launches.” said Niraj Rajmohan

F99 at Auto Expo 2023

After launching the F77 for the Indian market in 2022 at a price of 3.8 to 4.55 lakhs, the company experimented with another product called the F99 and introduced it at AutoExpo 2023. The F99 is usually a racing bike that comes with waves of electric features and futuristic elements. designs

Maximum speed200km/h
Acceleration0-100 in 8 seconds

However, the F99 release dates are hidden but we can expect the company to make a public announcement soon.

About Ultraviolet

Bangalore-based founders of Ultraviolette Automotive, Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan, experts in the automotive industry, have been friends for 20 years and recently, in 2016, teamed up to give birth to Ultraviolette and quit their jobs. Today, the company has more than 100 employees working for the electric vehicle revolution in India.

The company’s vision is to compete against American giants like Harley-Davidson, who are being sponsored by their customers. They want to establish a strong footing in the global market by competing for high-end electric motorcycles. The company also wants to launch a fight against 300 and 500cc gasoline motorcycles around the world.

The background of the founders is amazing, Niraj Rajmohan has worked in India (Bangalore) and for US companies. On the other hand, Narayan Subramaniam has developed his automotive talents while working for auto giants like Toyota and Volkswagen in Japan and Germany.

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