TATA-Stryder Zeeta Electric Bike

TATA-Stryder Zeeta Plus Electric Bicycle: Price, Specs, And More

Stryder Zeeta Plus Electric Bicycle

New Delhi: Stryder, a company backed by the esteemed Tata Motors, has recently unveiled its latest addition to its range of technologically advanced Stryder Zeeta Electric Bicycles.

Zeeta electric Bicycle price

For a limited-time 20% discount Zeeta is Priced at just Rs. 26,995 (incl. of all taxes), the Zeeta has a striking design and comes in two different colors: green and gray.

Zeeta Electric Bicycle Specifications

The Stryder Zeeta is equipped with a powerful 36V 250W BLDC rear hub motor, providing a seamless experience for customers. Its innovative design includes a lithium-ion battery inside the frame and controller, which can be fully charged in just three hours and offers an impressive range of up to 40 km in hybrid mode on a single charge. The Zeeta’s advanced safety features include automatic cut-off brakes, ensuring maximum rider protection.

In addition to these impressive features, the Stryder Zeeta boasts an unprecedented 10 paise per km fuel economy, making it a cost-effective option for everyday commuting. This electric Bicycle is a testament to Stryder’s unwavering commitment to sustainable transportation solutions and its focus on bringing cutting-edge technologies to customers.

Stryder Zeepta Electric Bicycle
TATA-Stryder Zeepta Electric Bicycle
Engine36V 250W BLDC Rear Hub Motor
Autonomy in hybrid mode40 km/charge with pedal assistance and 25km/charge without pedal assistance.
Prices10 countries per km
brakedouble disc brakes
Useful load100kg
Warranty2 years
tire size27.5*2.10 inches
frame height17.5 inches

Stryder has established itself as a market leader in the electric bicycle segment, thanks to its innovative and reliable products. With this new addition to its line of electric Bicycles, Stryder continues to build on its reputation as a pioneer in the industry.

A partnership of Stryder and Tata Motors

It is worth noting that Stryder is backed by Tata Motors, one of the leading car manufacturers in India, renowned for its superior quality and cutting-edge technology. Tata Motors has always been at the forefront of innovation, and its partnership with Stryder is a testament to its commitment to promoting sustainable and green transport solutions.

E-Bicycle startups in India

Mumbai, India’s vibrant metropolis, has earned a dubious title as the world’s third most traffic-jammed city. With its roads bogged down by a staggering 53% congestion, commuters in this bustling city lose 121 hours a year to traffic.

Now, with these numbers in mind, imagine wasting 121 hours in traffic. Awful! True, but you won’t have to face such a consequence with an electric Bicycle. The bikes aren’t ideal for long distances, but these electric bikes are game changers because they come with motors that make your ride easier.

India is seeing budding electric bike startups like EMotorrad, it is a Pune-based manufacturing company that is poised to revolutionize the electric bike segment. Techinnovate Mobility is another player in the game, based in Gujarat, the company has launched two models in the market which are gaining more fame and glory day by day.


Question: What Is The Real Price Of A ZEETA Electric Bicycle?

Answer: The Real Price Of A ZEETA E-Bicycle Is INR 26,995 (Incl. Of All Taxes).

Question: What Is The Max Speed Of A ZEETA E-Bicycle?

Answer: The Speed Of A ZEETA E-Bicycle Is 25Kms-40Kms.

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