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Top 10 Electric Cars Manufacturers

Mahindra Electric

Mahindra is the pioneer for EV in the Indian space. Being the first major EV manufacturer it launched Mahindra Reva, its first EV as early as 2001.

Address : India.
Price : ₹ 7.48 - 8.23* Lakh

A Complete Guide to Buying Electric Cars

Electric vehicles are undoubtedly the undeniable future of today’s motoring. With the rapid development of technology, the designs implemented by the electric cars manufacturersare becoming much more eye-catching and environment-friendly. The acceleration and speed of these vehicles now equals or exceeds compared to that of the traditional fueled cars.

There are many types of electric cars for you to select from based upon your individual needs and purpose. If you are looking forward to purchasing an electric vehicle or are just curious to know about these vehicles, here is a discussion that can serve your purpose.

Electric Car vs Diesel or Petrol Car

The typical activities that come up for you when you own a traditional car include refuelling and servicing. Although being an owner of an electric vehicle does not alter this, yet you will generally have comparatively less servicing because of reduced moving parts. Refuelling can be done by charging the car from an electrical outlet either in your home or outside.

Is It worth Investing in an Electric Car?

An electric car can prove to be your right buy if:

  • You can easily access an electrical outlet overnight
  • Your journeys are usually short, that is, around 40 miles/day and won’t approach the normal range of your car.
  • You are interested in choosing an eco or green vehicle.

From Where Can You Buy Electric Cars?

If you are planning to invest in superior quality, new-gen electric cars, then E Vehicles Mart can be the best platform for you. Here, you can select, compare and buy from an extensive range of vehicles put out directly from the electric cars manufacturers.

The electric cars are manufactured by leveraging the finest quality materials and advanced technologies. They feature easy and quick charging battery, excellent battery backup, and high speed. They are highly reliable as well as durable.

In addition to this, you can also get a good warranty on battery life and electrical components from the electric cars manufacturers.

The Takeaway

As a vehicle buyer, you have an abundance of favourable reasons as to why you should consider going electric. In terms of certain aspects, these cars can stand to be quite better compared to traditional vehicles. By investing in these cars, you can get an opportunity to save on the fuel costs and the maintenance effort and costs. In addition to all this, as there isn't any tailpipe emission, you can proudly do your bit for ensuring cleaner and safer air for everyone. Electric cars can seamlessly fit into your daily commutes as well as leisure trips, offering you an efficient and quiet driving experience while helping you save a significant amount of money.

With E Vehicles Mart, you can easily access a host of world-class electric cars designed brilliantly by the best electric cars manufacturers. You can check the detailed features and specificationsof the vehicles, carry out your comparison among the different products available, send an enquiry about the product, and purchase your chosen vehicle easily, with zero hassle or wastage of time.

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