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Electric Vehicles Company India

Paradigm shift from conventional combustion vehicles to electric vehicles

The whole world is busy in making a shift towards the most efficient and pollution free means of driving. This trend is no different in India. The Electric Vehicles Company India have geared up in providing the best ever solution to their customers.

The government has plans to make a move in the direction of 100% electric vehicles. This might be one of the most ambitious projects of the power corridor; however, it is also the need of the present time to deal with increased pollution levels. Vehicles on road cannot be reduced but the amount of pollution from these vehicles can surely be reduced.

Present day challenges:

  • Higher prize of electric vehicles

  • The electric vehicles on sale in the Indian market is not less than 13 Lakh INR and it is much higher than the conventional combustion cars. As per the EV manufacturers it is being very difficult for them to manufacture cars at a lesser prize as per the current industry circumstances. It is going to be challenging to make a decent value proposition instantaneously unless the cost comes down considerably.

  • Limited Range

  • Range concern is what customers agonize from knowing that the EV might not have adequate range to take them to their journey's end. This is intensely associated to the lack of charging structure in the nation, and while conventional vehicles can be refilled at gas stations, such regularized structure is not yet accessible for EVs. The charging structure for EV is still ambiguous and indefinite, which would upset the price and suitability of the car among Indian customers. Most customers do not pay attention on the similar electric counterpart for their lesser performance and inadequate range.

  • Policy Flip-Flops

  • While no one fears that the government is doing all it can to thrust EVs, FAME policy has been criticized by the industry in the previous times. The government had at first focused on vehicle standardization with FAME, which was put aside for a stress on manufacturing. Now, the management is busy enlisting an EV charging infrastructure structure. Since the debate on EVs have made their way, there has been a number of policy changes as well.

    Moving towards complete electric platform would no doubt would be a great move. However, it needs considerable effort both from government and EV manufacturers in India. The government should set up plans to improvise the infrastructure for electric cars and the Electric Vehicles Company India should work on improving the range of the vehicles against the prize they are being sold.

    Once all the things fall in line, India would be a country free from pollution and the problems created by pollution too. It is a matter of fact that EVs are going to be the future and we all are going to be a part of this revolution in the upcoming years. So why not start going for EVs now itself?